XVIII Concurso Internacional de Guitarra
  Alirio Díaz

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  • Article 1

The “XVIII CONCURSO INTERNACIONAL DE GUITARRA ALIRIO DÍAZ” (“the Contest”) will be held in Carora, Lara (Venezuela), with alternate promotional and concert venues in Barquisimeto, Lara, from November 21 to 28, 2015. It is organized by the Concurso Internacional de Guitarra Alirio Díaz A.C. (“the Organizer”), with the backing of the Venezuelan Ministry of Culture, through the National Institute of the Performing and Musical Arts (IAEM). The Contest is in honor of maestro ALIRIO DÍAZ, prestigious figure in the guitar worldwide movement and in Venezuela’s musical heritage.

  • Article 2

The Contest is intended to promote and bring attention to musical pieces written or adapted to be performed on the guitar belonging to the national and international repertoire. Guitarists from any part of the world may participate in the contest, regardless of race, sex, creed, social status, and/or nationality.

  • Article 3

The Contest will have three (3) qualifying rounds, comprised of the following repertoire:


a) Free repertoire with two (2) pieces from different eras with a full length of 10 to 12 minutes.
b) A Latin American composer piece or a Maestro Alirio Díaz arrangement, transcription or harmonization which does not last longer than six (6) minutes.
c) Mandatory piece of Venezuelan composer Luis Ochoa entitled PATH OF HISTORY (download here), winner of the X Concurso Internacional de Composición para Guitarra "Michele Pittaluga" 2012, in Alessandria, Italy. Approximate length: 3:30 (Editorial Berben, Italy)


a) Choose one of the J. S. BACH Suites for Lute, Violin, Violoncello and Keyboard Instrument.
Note: The transcription shall be chosen by the contestant.
b) A classic or romantic piece to be chosen from the following authors:


c) Short Free recital of approximately 15 minutes, including an arrangement, transcription or harmonization of Maestro Alirio Díaz, or at least one piece by one of the following Venezuelan composers:

    • 1. Rodrigo Riera (Unión Musical Española / Ediciones Fundación Vicente Emilio Sojo / Morro Music Corp)
    • 2. Ricardo Iznaola (OGW-Iznaola Guitar Works / Ediciones Fundación Vicente Emilio Sojo)
    • 3. Diego Silva Silva (Ediciones Fundación Vicente Emilio Sojo)
    • 4. Francisco Zapata Bello (Ediciones Fundación Vicente Emilio Sojo)
    • 5. Luis Zea ( Doberman-Yppan Editions )
    • 6. Albert Hernández
    • 7. Alfonso Montes (Nogatz / Caroni Editions/ Chanterelle y Ricordi )
    • 8. Alex Rodriguez (Ediciones Fundación Vicente Emilio Sojo)
    • 9.  Efraín Silva (Ediciones Fundación Vicente Emilio Sojo / centroguitarristicodearagua@gmail.com)


a) A Concert for Guitar and Orchestra to be chosen among the following:



Concierto Nº 1 para Guitarra
y Orquesta



Concierto de Aranjuez



Concierto Nº 1 en Re, Op. 99



Concierto del Sur



Concierto para Guitarra
y Pequeña Orquesta

Note: This concert will be performed together with a piano player.

First prize will be US $ 10,000, or the equivalent in Venezuelan currency to the official exchange rate of Bs. 12 (twelve bolivar per dollar); second prize will be US $ 5,000 or the equivalent in Venezuelan currency to the official exchange rate of Bs. 12 (twelve bolivar per dollar); third prize will be US $ 3,000, or the equivalent in Venezuelan currency to the official exchange rate of Bs. 12 (twelve bolivar per dollar). The three categories will also have medal and diploma.

Prizes will be deposited in the winners’ bank account in an estimated time of 90 days from the date of the Award Ceremony (December 5, 2015).

In the event that one (1) prize is awarded to two (2) contestants, the prize money will be divided in two equal parts.

The Prizes shall in no case be changed, altered, compensated by others or given to third parties, unless there is written agreement between the organizer and the person awarded.

  • Article 4

In order to participate in the Contest, contestants must fill out an Entry form which may be requested from the Organizer or found on the web page.

The entry form must be accompanied by the following materials:

  • Photocopy of a document certifying the contestant’s date and place of birth and nationality.
  • One (1) recent photograph, white background.
  • Short biography (one page maximum)
  • Photocopy of the certificates awarded by Institutes where musical studies were carried out, specifying the results obtained and professors’ names. Include at least two letters of recommendation.
  • Documents (handbills, posters, reviews) certifying the contestant’s recent musical activity – last three years.
  • Complete list of the program pieces the contestant will perform, with the approximate length of each.
  • Bank deposit to the account of the Banco de Venezuela  01020372460000031105 RIF J - 29586107-9 of Bs , 1000,00 (one thousand bolivars ) for participants of Venezuelan nationality residing in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela .
  • Bank deposit of $ 100 (one hundred US dollars) or 80 (eighty ) Euros to the account of Associazione Culturale " Alirio Diaz "
    No. 00019717 Banca UBI Banco di Brescia
    IBAN IT59R0350003212000000019717
    At the time of their participation in the Contest, participants must provide the panel of judges with five (5) photocopies of the score of each piece to be performed.
    The registration deadline is November 15, 2015.

The Entry Form and/or materials should be sent to the following address:

“XVIII Concurso Internacional
de Guitarra Alirio Díaz”

Calle Ramón Pompilio Oropeza 77, Carora,
estado Lara, Venezuela.
E-mail:  xvconcursoaliriodiaz@gmail.com
Página web: www.aliriodiaz.org

  • Article 5

The Contest panel of judges shall be comprised of five (5) figures of recognized prestige on the Venezuelan and international guitar scene.

The panel of judges may stop a participant’s performance when deemed appropriate.

Those judges who are close relatives or have served as instructors or professors for a contestant will not take part in the qualifying vote for the contestant.

The panel of judges may declare the Contest prizes vacant if they consider that the participants did not reach the minimum level of creative or interpretative quality.

  • Article 6

The order of appearance of the participants, will be established through a draw to be held on 21 November 2015. All contestants must attend the drawing. This responsibility may not be delegated to a third person.

  • Article 7

Participants grant authorization for the pieces performed in the Contest to be recorded or broadcast via radio, television, Internet, or any other audiovisual means at the disposition of Web listeners, with no right to seek any type of additional remuneration.

Participants and award winners in particular agree to assist the Organizer and the Venezuelan Ministry of Culture in promotional activities related to the Contest (without charges or remuneration of any kind) by authorizing the use of their names and images and giving media interviews for the purpose of increasing coverage of the Contest.

  • Article 8

The Award Ceremony will be held Saturday November 28, 2015. The winners will participate in the ceremony with no additional remuneration.

During the Preliminary Qualifying and Semi-final Rounds, transportation expenses to and from the Competition venue, as well as the costs of lodging and meals, will be paid by the participants.

Lodging expenses for contestants who qualify for the Final Round will be assumed by the Contest until the morning after their last performance. In the case of the winners, the Contest will pay for their lodging until the day after the final concert and Award Ceremony. Any delay in departure, due to itineraries or other reasons, will be the sole responsibility of the contestant.

At no time and under no circumstances the Organizer or the Contest will reimburse any companion expenses.

Participants who have not arrived at the Contest site by November 21, 2015, will be automatically eliminated.

Once their participation has ended and the Award Ceremony has been held, Contest winners may enter into any engagements with third parties inside and outside the country. The Organizer and the Competition will not participate in or be responsible for attaining engagements outside contest.

  • Article 9

The Organizer of the Contest will make the final decision on all cases not covered in these rules, and will oversee their successful resolution.

Participation in the Contest implies the express acceptance of all of the rules herein. The rules will be available until the Award Ceremony on the web page: www.aliriodiaz.org

Once the materials acceptance period has begun, the Institute of the Performing and Musical Arts of the Venezuelan Ministry of Culture may only modify the rules on duly reasoned grounds and through publication in the national press.

  • Article 10

Personal data collected will be kept in the Organizer’s data base.

The Organizer uses security measures to optimally ensure the protection and confidentiality of such data.

  • Article 11

Issues not covered by these rules shall be decided by the Directors of the IAEM and Asociación Concurso Internacional de Guitarra Alirio Díaz A.C.

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